How did we get here?

Hey, thanks for checking my page out. I'm a 20 year old music producer from México. I dabble in all sorts of genres, most of them electronic, more than anything I just go with whatever I think sounds cool though. Been doin' this seriously for 6 years now. No plans of stopping either.

As of now I've released 53 original tracks, about 8 of which I feel very happy about, but I had fun making the other 45 so it's a win in my book. Never underestimate the value of finishing what you start, all the unfinished masterpieces in the world don't hold a candle to a single finished pile of dump. And it's only after a few dozen piles of dump that you start improving in your ability.

This is me, this is how I look like in real life.

I always searched for ways to play around with music throughout my life, but it wasn't until 2017 that I realized it was something I genuinely wanted to do. I found out about FL Studio that year, started using it, and pretty much stuck with it ever since.

Fastforward to now, I have two albums on Bandcamp, a few frontpages on Newgrounds, and 5 WHOLE MONTHLY LISTENERS BABEEEEE! These past 6 years have been an entire journey, and I hope I can continue it in spite of being in college.

I'll be expanding upon that journey in this section here, I don't see many artists in the scene narrate about how they got to where they are skill-wise. And lemme tell ya, it wasn't easy. Hell, it still isn't.

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