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Hey hello, I'm Jatmoz. I'm a music producer from Mexico. I dabble in all sorts of genres but it's all mostly electronic stuff, I pretty much just go with whatever I come up with that sounds cool. I've been doing this for about 5 years now, and I hope that eventually a couple of eccentric guys in suits start giving me money for doing it. So far I've made around 50 songs total, about 7 of which I actually feel proud of, but ya' gotta make some not so good stuff before you get to make the good stuff!

My favorite music is varied, but it's also mostly electronic. Some of my favorite albums:

Though, favorite song of all time, hands down, is Café Mañana from Voljum's dayscapes. I literally don't know how such a perfect song can even exist, let alone be made by just some dude.

...And that's about it really. Here's a picture of an iguana.

I hired this iguana to stare at you.