All the widgets and gizmos I make my sounds with

For paid stuff, I use FL Studio (Signature Edition), along with Soundpaint Rhodes (literally sex) and Harmor. That's about it for the paid stuff.

For free stuff, uhh, there's a shit ton of free stuff I use BUT the most helpful free stuff might be:

Vital, a free wavetable synthesizer.
LABS, surprinsingly decent free instrument libraries of various kinds.
MeldaProduction's free effect plugins, for all the effects stock FL doesn't have (MSaturator is also literally sex).
Kilohearts's free effect plugins, they have a realtime pitch shifter THEY HAVE A REALTIME PITCH SHIFTER!!
Valhalla Supermassive, really nice hybrid reverb/delay effect that you can't go wrong with.
Trash 2, one of the most versatile distortion plugins that was made free not too long ago.
• And of course, OTT. Getting to know this plugin is a rite of passage for aspiring electronic music producers everywhere.

For gear, I have an Akai MPK Mini MKII (the black and white one, basic bitch shit, I know), and a Yamaha PSR-EW310 keyboard, both of which I use as MIDI controllers. The keyboard is also nice for practicing piano!

These are all great resources, BUT!!! Don't let marketing agents, youtubers or trust fund kids convince you that there's a secret ingredient, one plugin, one course or one piece of gear that will instantly make your music better. You have to get to know your tools first, and then you can make the most out of them. Free stuff is more than capable at the things you'll spend 90% of the time on.

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